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Actress Anne Heche Hospitalized with Severe Burns After Drunkenly Crashing Into Los Angeles Home at 90 MPH (VIDEOS)

Emmy-winning actress Anne Heche was hospitalized on Friday after a drunk driving accident in which she plowed into a Los Angeles home.

A drunk Anne Heche was reportedly driving 90 mph on Friday morning when she crashed into a home in Mar Vista.

Heche’s Mini Cooper burst into flames and the fire engulfed the home.

Heche was hospitalized with severe burns after spending 30 minutes in the burning car.

A photo taken of Anne Heche moments before her second accident of the day shows she was driving with a bottle of vodka in the cup holder.

CBS obtained exclusive video of Anne Heche speeding down a Mar Vista street moments before the fiery crash.


Anne Heche was seen being wheeled into an ambulance: “Oh my gosh! She’s completely alive!” Ariel photo journalist Stu Mundel shouted as Anne Heche sat up on the stretcher.


The totaled Mini Cooper was towed away after the crash:

TMZ reported:

Anne Heche was driving like a maniac in between her two car crashes … and new video shows her speeding down a residential street before crashing into a home and igniting a blaze.

TMZ obtained footage showing Anne flying down a street in her blue Mini Cooper, and you can hear the car tearing through the neighborhood, and also hear her crash.
We’re told this happened after Anne’s initial crash into a garage at an apartment complex. Remember, she reversed and sped off from the first crash, and this video captures the moment she crashes into a nearby home, causing a blaze.

The crash went down just after noon in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles. Witnesses tell TMZ, she was driving a blue Mini Cooper and crashed into the garage of an apartment complex.

Residents of the apartment complex tried getting Anne out of the vehicle but she put the car in reverse and then sped off. A short time later, she crashed into a nearby home, igniting a fire. The fire was significant and engulfed the house.

The post Actress Anne Heche Hospitalized with Severe Burns After Drunkenly Crashing Into Los Angeles Home at 90 MPH (VIDEOS) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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