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Most Obvious Reason that Soros-Backed DA Bragg’s Case Against President Trump is a Sham Is the Mueller Gang Did Not Pursue It

One obvious reason that the corrupt New York DA’s case against President Trump is a sham is that the Mueller gang did not pursue it.

There are several reasons why the New York City’s Soros-backed DA, Alvin Bragg’s case is a sham.  The law has never been pursued in this manner.  But one obvious reason is that the corrupt Mueller gang never pursued it during their sham investigation into the Trump-Russia hoax – a hoax they knew was created by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

David Giglio on Twitter pointed this out:

Here are the facts.

Robert Mueller investigated Trump over this alleged Stormy Daniels payment and found that Michael Cohen was NOT a credible witness and that there was NOT enough evidence to support charges.

Then, the leftwing SDNY looked into the matter and also concluded Cohen wasn’t trustworthy and that there was insufficient evidence to support charges. Now,  @AlvinBraggNYC, a Soros funded DA who routinely releases and reduces charges for violent offenders, has decided to elevate a misdemeanor offense (if guilty) under New York Law to a felony to indict Trump.

Bragg knows a leftist NY grand jury will automatically vote indict regardless of the evidence and the legal basis for doing so.

Anyone screaming about the “rule of law” is lying to you about what is actually transpiring.

They are cheering on a blatant and politically motivated act of prosecutorial misconduct all because of their personal hatred for President Trump.

Using the courts to harass and imprison your political enemies, is NOT how you “save democracy. It’s how you destroy your republic forever.

Here are the facts.

The corrupt Mueller gang did all they could to bring charges against President Trump during their investigation  The entire case was built on the lie that Russia hacked into the DNC and stole emails and gave them to WikiLeaks because Russia allegedly backed President Trump.  None of this was true.  Mueller even hid the fact that he couldn’t prove Russia hacked the DNC.  He couldn’t prove Russia stole DNC emails and he couldn’t prove Russia gave DNC emails to WikiLeaks.  The entire premise behind the case was a lie and they knew it from the beginning but hid this from the American public.  The mainstream media outlets were willing accomplices to their crime.

Despite this, the Mueller gang went on for years trying to get President Trump on anything.

The Mueller gang looked at the Stormy Daniels affair, led by her loud-mouth attorney Michael Avenati, and the Mueller gang passed on it.  It was a hoax and they knew it.

Daniels even sued President Trump to get out of the agreement not to share details about any relationship she might have had with citizen Trump because “he never signed the agreement“.

But now corrupt DA Alvin Bragg wants to sue President Trump in a biased and unfriendly New York court because it will make his handler, George Soros, happy.  This is sick, especially if you consider that Bragg is allowing repeat felons on the streets of the Big Apple.

Let me get this straight, the first state to lower felony charges to misdemeanors for actual repeat offending criminals is now raising a misdemeanor charge to a felony on a former President?! Tell me how this isn’t communism again.

Trump will win 2024 in a landslide!

Americans are livid with the communist and fascist tactics Democrats are using to destroy this country.  President Trump and the good American people are their targets.  Americans must stand up to this tyranny or risk losing all of our freedoms.


The post Most Obvious Reason that Soros-Backed DA Bragg’s Case Against President Trump is a Sham Is the Mueller Gang Did Not Pursue It appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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